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Working with Coach Lyds has been a total honour.

“Her wisdom & her wonderful ‘ways’ have enriched & empowered me both personally & professionally, on several levels. Her kind and completely honest approach, produces quick and positive results, whilst her techniques are therapeutic and extremely down to earth & friendly. Lydia’s energy is warm, bubbly, bold and beautiful, I would recommend her ( and do recommend her) to any & everyone. My time with her really has been a life-changing experience, an absolute blessing.”

Ms Dynamite, Singer and Songwriter

It was a first for me and I had no idea what to expect, I needn’t have worried. It was thought provoking, enlightening, encouraging, emotional and fun! I came away with a spring in my step … and months down the line I still have it. Without realising its easy to get off track and amble though life without direction, my sessions brought me back to centre, and gave me the confidence and clarity to be able to focus on what’s important to me. Thank you Lydia, my coaching sessions were like a big breath of fresh air.

Alison Hodson, Office Manager

I had three coaching sessions with the lovely Lydia and found them all extremely useful.I mainly focused on my work life and Lydia helped me get to the core of what I wanted to achieve in the short term. With her support, I have reached the goals I set beyond my hopes, moving forward, I will use her handy words of wisdom. What’s more, I feel re-energised and have a new healthier sense of perspective on my work-life balance. Thank you!

Liz Norris, Senior Account Manager

“Lydia is an exceptionally talented trainer, particularly working with young people.
Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and she quickly creates a unique space for learning in her sessions…

What is most impressive about Lydia (apart from her laugh!) is how she brings the training group together to experience and learn from each other. We truly enjoy having Lydia on our 4Talent Days and would thoroughly recommend her.”

Glynn Ryland, Industry Talent Manager, Channel Four Television Corporation

I never had any one I could talk to about my past, but with Coach Lyds who I only met once somehow made me feel safe and comfortable to talk about every and anything. She learnt very quickly what kind of person I am and how to gage our conversation, before I met Coach Lyds I was a closed book I would not tell anybody anything about my life, I hated my city and for most of the day I had negative thoughts, I have dyslexia and for 38 years and had kept it hidden.

I could not read very well, however after a few sessions, Coach Lyds has helped me face my most inner demons, if I was superman this would be my kryptonite. This is the new for me, I have started to read before I go to bed and when I wake up, I used Google to look up actors with dyslexia, to show me how others have overcome it and built their life into something great.

When I speak I change my words from I CANNOT to I CAN and to trust and believe in myself. I embrace love in my life and give positive comments to others, I now set goals to better my life and I write my thoughts down in a diary good or bad I am not shy to tell others I have dyslexia, now my work colleagues help do math games to improve my maths.

My biggest goal I faced what was my biggest fear…..I stood on stage and spoke to 60 people about my business. Coach Lyds has change my life so much, words cannot explain, meeting her is one of the best things that has happen to me, she has helped me step out of the shadow and step in to the light and now I feel like a confident man and no long hate myself, love who I am and what I can offer others to be the best I can be, no more self doubt, just more what I can do. Thank you Coach Lyds

Leroy Skeels, Personal Trainer

In my role with the University of Sunderland I am tasked with improving the aspirations of graduates and supporting them in gaining professional level employment. We have found that what students are lacking is confidence and self belief. The belief that they can compete for the jobs they want and get them. I have worked with Lydia in the past and I knew straight away she was the person that I needed to work with the students before they graduated. She listened to our need and designed a workshop that was perfect.

She arrived in plenty time to prepare and delivered a two hour workshop that really inspired the students to take control of their future and believe in themselves. I have already seen some of the students adopting much more of a ‘go getter’ attitude and making things happen.

What I particularly liked about Lydia was that she took the time to listen and support the students and really help them to figure out a plan for themselves. She stayed with us for two more hours delivering group coaching with the students which was invaluable. I have no doubt the students have gained a great deal from their time with Lydia and I hope we can work together again.

Joanna Makepeace, Graduate Support Manager, University of Sunderland

“I reached a stage in my life where I needed guidance. This is when Coach Lyds was recommended to me, her sessions were focused and helped me to identify my professional goals and ambitions. I was able to create a plan tailored to my specific needs and requirements, the sessions motivated and moved me towards achieving my objectives step by step.

Coach Lyds coaching sessions are comfortable and conversational, she helped me realise I already possessed all of the answers within, she as supported me to find out what I needed whenever life got complicated. I highly recommend her coaching service, her sessions are very beneficial, Coach Lyds is a professional you can rely upon.”

Jeff Brazier, ITV This Morning Presenter

“Lydia, my time with you really helped me get to grips with my true values, wants and desires. As a result of my coaching I’ve been able to take hold of some issues that have been flying erratically around my head for some time. I gained clarity on what actions to take next when previously everything seemed disorderly and nonsensical!

Your incredible energy, insight & understanding were defining factors in helping me attain the results I did. Thank you”

Hannah Grahame, Part time Business Performance Manager and Full-time Mum

“My experience with Coach Lyds at The UK Coaching Partnership has been life changing. I have met the most incredible people and I have made some lifelong friends with both the Tutors and students. The atmosphere that is created at each training weekend is so inspiring. Right from day one the course has been very hands on and we have coached each other right from our very first day’s training. I loved that the course combines the practical coaching with the academic side.

I feel more prepared to enter the coaching profession than I think any other coaching course could have given me. My confidence has grown so much in the last ten months from everyone’s support and encouragement. The tutors are amazing women, I could not have had more encouraging and friendly teachers. My whole experience has been incredible, I have loved every minute of it.”

Annabel Gledden, Life Coach and Ex Professional Tennis Player

From our initial conversation and first session, I found Coach Lyds to be warm, professional and flexible.

Coach Lyds, supported and empowered me by reminding me that I had all the answers within, she prompted me using her expert questioning skills and would challenge any contradictions. This helped me gain clarity on my present situation and clear through some of the ‘junk’ that was clouding my thinking and holding me in a prison of procrastination. She appropriately helped me challenge negative thoughts and identify when, where and why these thoughts came about. With this understanding I was able to move forward. She helped illustrate my behaviour patterns and this made it easier for me to identify areas where change was required.

Coach Lyds helped me develop a short term action plan, at all times I felt that I was in control of the process however I was grateful for her support and clear and concise contributions.

After two sessions with Coach Lyds, I submitted several job applications, feeling clear about the purpose of these jobs. I also felt emotionally better when applying and the impact of this resulted in me being offered employment after just two sessions with Coach Lyds.

Coach Lyds, helped me speak my truth into existence.

I can’t wait to see where I will be a year from now but at the same time, will appreciate the now knowing that I have been provided with many more tools following the support Coach Lyds has given.

I would certainly recommend Coach Lyds to anyone who values their personal development and growth.  Thank you Coach Lyds

Claire Clottey,  Radio and TV Presenter

I had been considering training to become a life coach for some time. When I found UK Coaching Partnership online, I knew it was the right course for me. Class sizes are kept small which ensures each student receives plenty of support both 1-1 and within a group setting, this appealed to me. Training with Lydia has been such a pleasure, she is without a doubt one of the most passionate coaches that I have ever met. Her energetic teaching style makes learning fun and relatable. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in coaching, whether as a future career or simply for your own personal development.

Emma Case, Life Coach

Coach Lyds came to coach our third year degree students at the University of Salford. The brief was to give the students a boost of self-belief to prepare them for launching their careers in TV and Radio.Coach Lyds brought such energy into the room and engaged with the students as soon as she met them. Through a combination of group work and one-to-one coaching, she gave the students a mind-set for growth and success and gave them top tips for their grand strategy to build their careers. The students loved the day – they came out two inches taller and ready to embark on their careers.

Maire Tracey, Lecturer in Media Production

“Coach Lyds has the midas touch. Each coaching session brings magic to my life, my business and performance. As world class coach and trainer, she pushes you outside your comfort zone to succeed. Her intuitive insight is always spot on, and can rapidly understand and address any challenge with ease and grace.”

Anna Kitney, CEO of Bourgeon


The chance to be coached by Coach Lyds is an opportunity that should not to be missed. Her unique, insightful, powerful style is conveyed with elegance and razor-sharp whit. Her years of experience in the industry are telling but it is the freshness and the pursuit of your transformation which gives Coach Lyds the edge.

The modest yet masterful skill of this woman will literally take your breath away. In that instant when you are caught between the issues of the past and the promise in your destiny, Coach Lyds hands you the tools to move yourself forward. I have witnessed this journey personally in a most extraordinary way. Coach Lyds has helped my life be transformed exceedingly, abundantly, more than I dreamed or imagined. Thank you Coach Lyds -I can hardly recommend her highly enough.

Adanma Umana, Head Teacher

“Coach Lyds was exactly what I needed to create the energy and mindset to achieve my goals. As the saying goes, if you do the same thing over and over, you achieve the same result. That was me, and coaching has been the tool to help me find new ways of doing, and achieving better results, moving forward. I now have a positive outlook to achieving my goals, a greater sense of self belief, and the tools to deal with the 1 step forward and 2 steps back moments. Coaching has left me with a constant source of energy. Whether it be a project, a goal, or just life management, I now use my coaching experience to support me on my journey.”

Miss N Williams

“Coach Lyds is an absolutely brilliant life coach, who is passionate, genuine, positively tenacious and most importantly honest. I have worked with her on numerous occasions and find her to an amazing contributor for broadcast.”

Philip Noel, TV Producer

Coach Lyds is a positive individual who is full of enthusiasm and motivation. These are great attributes to have in business and I have personally experienced Lydia’s motivational nature, which has helped me immensely. Above all, Lydia is passionate about helping others to succeed.

Bieneosa Ebite MPRCAPR Director, Corporate Communications, Public Relations Specialist

“Coach Lyds has a unique approach to coaching, she marries an attentive ear absorbing every vital detail with a soft approachable demeanor,  making you feel not only valued but acutely listened to as you speak.”

Anna Cronin, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4

“Lydia is a total inspiration. As a mentor and a trainer she empowers everyone she meets. Everyone leaves her sessions a bit wiser and a whole lot more confident.”

Simon Wright, Group Head of Talent, The Mill

Coach Lyds has helped me to look at things rationally and gain some confidence back in my work and personal life. I think Lydia is very good at making you realise what you have to do and making you see the situation for yourself. I also praise Lydia for being available outside of agreed coaching times. One particular time I felt quite low but after a conversation with Coach Lyds I felt more positive about things.

I would recommend Coach Lyds to anyone that needs a bit of help to refocus themselves.

James Roche, PR Professional

Often when discussing my life changing decision and my future plans, a friend would always ask me ” But what is your plan?” My response was always “But this my plan!”.

In fact my “plans” were just ideas. Things I wanted but never really had the mindset or self belief to go for them. Coach Lyds has helped me formulate a “living plan” for all that I want to achieve, personally and professionally. I wasn’t told what to do, it made me look at me and what I needed to do for me to achieve the changes I wanted.

Most of all it is practical development, and not anything like clichéd therapy sessions you see on television! I learnt from myself that discipline is key, maintaining a routine of tasks is not dull. How else would I move forward without “doing”?  It gave me the mindset of achievement, it made ME feel responsible and in charge of MY life.  In this current climate it’s easy to feel the victim of circumstance.

On the days when I feel my goals aren’t achievable I refer back to my “living plan” and get back on track. Coaching is like a hand digging deep inside and pulling out the real you, without the external noise of daily life. It’s a look into the future, with a sign that says “I’m yours, own it”.

Annette, Civil Servant

Working with Coach Lyds has been life changing. She is naturally positive and uplifting character and within minutes of being in her company you feel energized, her energy is so infectious you feel like the only way is forward. Working with Coach Lyds means you will always be heard, understood and supported. Leading on from this she will help you work through core issues or challenges in life, helping to find clarity and most all achievement.

I truly love Coach Lyds and her work and am forever grateful for our work together.

Nicola Tappenden, Media Personality

Coach Lyds is the person who pushes you to realize your dreams, she listened, supported and encouraged me to examine very closely my ability in terms of strength and weakness. As a team she helped me work out the essential steps to achieve my career goals.

In no doubt, if you believe you have a lot of potential to be explored but you need an enlightening person, Coach Lyds is one sure bet.

Rachael Philips, Production Manager

After one session with Coach Lyds she really opened my eyes to a whole new concept, having not taken part in any coaching or Theta healing® before, I was apprehensive. I needn’t have worried;

Coach Lyds has a way of putting you at ease and taking things at your own pace, yet encouraging you to come forward. Even after just one of each session I feel much more capable to take on life’s challenges. Who knows what I could achieve with further sessions, I would thoroughly recommend her.

Dr Tamsin Woodroffe, BVetMed MRCVS

The coaching sessions have been instrumental in me making the much needed changes to my life. I feel more focused through goal setting.  I also feel a lot more empowered… the sessions have made me take control back which is reflective in how much happier I feel as I see the changes unfold.

Thank you very much for being much a positive coach and helping me to turn things around.

Lucy Bampoe Parry, HR Manager

I would just like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for my coaching session  Coach Lyds, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done, within an hour we identified the areas I wanted to work on and I now have a very clear vision of where I’m going and feel focused after months of being all over the place …Amazing.

Samantha Pearce, Business Owner

I have never had a confidence coach before… now having received coaching with Lydia I understand what it’s all about and now wondering how I managed to get this far in life without a coach, and Coach Lyds in particular. I have found her to be a positive force in my life which has helped me to be more focused and organised.

Miquel Brown, Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Coach Lyds helped me gain focus in my career and personal life. She is continuously there when I need guidance, advice or pep talks. Her own experiences give her the knowledge and passion to be able to be honest and get good results.

Anna Devitt, Comedian/Actress

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Coach Lyds, I arrived with no plan or agenda and yet we got so much out of that one hour. It was a conversational journey from start to finish. Especially nice touch that wrote to me with a summary of what we’d discussed, as this will be really helpful to look back on. Thank you.”

Landy Slattery, 4oD -Channel

“The two most outstanding qualities I admire most about Lydia are her natural ability to channel her incredible gift as a communicator, but more importantly, her unwavering faith in God the Creator. I attended the Ascended Masters and Guardian Angels session in a non-exclusive, nondenominational environment and what pleasantly surprised me was the wide array of people from different cultures and religious denominations that packed the massive room.
When Coach Lyds addressed me personally at the Q&A session, she had no time for the ego.  In fact, she knocked that right out of the ballpark in order to get to the truth!  I have since learned that this is only possible with the recognition that the opposite of faith is ego.  When we stop listening to the ego telling us how it ‘thinks’ things ought to be and we take it out of the equation, we are left with nothing but faith.  Remaining open to it is how we learn, because ultimately, is that not what we are all here to do?  It is like the saying ‘Let go and let God’.  Faith in God is what gets us all where we need to go. We all know this, we just don’t always remember.
“Thank you so much, Coach Lyds for reminding me.”
Brucella Newman, Model and Screenwriter