The Feel Good Factor

Reflect, Release, Receive Inner Peace – Time to Manifest your Miracle

Join Coach Lyds for an evening of ThetaHealing® meditation and LIVE on-the-spot spiritual coaching. Connect with like-minded individuals who are searching for solutions to the obstacles of life.

NEW: All seat holders at The Feel Good Factor on 11th November will be entered into a competition to WIN £500 worth package of exclusive life coaching sessions with me, CoachLyds. With clients as diverse as ITV This Morning presenter Jeff Brazier to singer and entertainer Ms Dynamite, this gives one lucky person the chance to access top-level coaching of the kind used by CEOs, execs, and people at the top of their field. What incredible achievements could you make with a life coach at your side?

The Feel Good Factor is an exclusive event for those with the focus and determination to move their lives to the next level and live with clarity, direction and purpose.

The evening begins with a guided ThetaHealing® group meditation to achieve a collective consciousness of inner healing, love, peace and well-being. ThetaHealing® is a powerful form of healing which shifts limiting behaviours and beliefs, creates empowering new truths and leads you towards an abundant, prosperous and healthy lifestyle.

This experience will leave you feeling inspired, re-energised and ready for action. Discover how you can become a clear channel for pure source energy and awaken the amazing power within you.

This month’s theme is Reflect, Release and Receive Inner Peace. November is an extraordinary time. It’s the 11th month, a high vibration number for manifesting miracles and a time to truly look back over the year, take note of your experiences and let go of everything which no longer serves you.

This is your wake up call to connect to your purpose in life. It is your divine calling to receive the miracle you have been waiting for.

Together we will release you from your limiting beliefs:

  • I am not good enough
  • I am unworthy of love
  • I am overlooked and undervalued
  • I am used by people
  • I have no clear purpose in life
  • Someone in my life is holding me back

How to prepare for this event

  • Decide an outcome you want to achieve
  • Choose a topic to discuss in the Live Spiritual Coaching Session
  • Prepare your heart to receive signs, wonders and miracles
  • Spread the love by sharing this event with friends
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to secure your seat
  • Doors close at 7:15pm, meditation begins at 7.30pm

Testimonials for The Feel Good Factor

a “I met so many wonderful souls this evening. I can’t wait for the next one. Coach Lyds is a beautiful soul inside and out. I feel very lucky to have been in her presence and for her kind words to me. It was good to feel the love and guidance from everyone in the room. To know you are not alone at times is a big comfort. I’m forever grateful to Coach Lyds.” – Kimberlee

“Lyds started with a meditation session, in which she invites you to get in contact with your true self. It’s amazing what you discover down there! Then she guides you through a life coaching session, where she takes through a journey of discovery. The more you are prepared to open to yourself, the more you gain from the session. She pushes you as far as you are prepared to be pushed. She also knows where to stop if she identified that you are not ready yet for the journey. Lyds is a fantastic coach, energetic and dynamic.” – Eva

“Having attended many meditation events in London I was looking forward to this. Lydia has a way of making you feel very at home.  The evening started with a guided meditation for healing, which I felt a very powerful healing in different areas of my body.  I have struggled for years with anaemia, back problems and aching joints and the healing I received made me feel amazing, the best I have felt in years.  Lydia went on to hold a Q&A session where she involved the audience in working through their problems. Lydia’s coaching has given me the confidence to move forward and to face my issues head on. I feel empowered!” Louise
“Lydia went around to everyone before the evening got started to offer a dab of some essential oils which was a really thoughtful touch. I felt at home with the meditation as I am a meditator. I always enjoy a guided meditation ‘live’ rather than from a recorded CD/Mp3. This was followed by on-the-spot life coaching. It was enlightening to hear other attendees’ obstacles, because at one level we have similar issues to deal with.” Alan


  1. Coach Lyds’ events are filmed & photographed. By booking this place, you agree to be filmed and photographed.
  2. Please arrive 15 mins before to take your seat, as this will be a large event. Doors will be closed at 7:15pm. No entry will be permitted after this time to avoid disturbing others during the meditation.
  3. No self promotional material will be permitted at the event.
  4. No sound or video recording of the event is permitted, other than authorised by Coach Lyds.
  5. Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferrable to a friend for the date they are issued.
  6. If you are not able to attend for any reason, tickets cannot be transferred to a future date or event.

By booking these tickets you agree to the terms and conditions listed above.

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost: £12 per person
£18 for 2 places

Tickets at the door subject to availability

Where: The Wesley Hotel
81-103 Euston Street
London NW1 2EZ

Book tickets for November 11th 2015

The Feel Good Factor Hour: Reflect, Release & Receive Inner Peace. An evening of Theta Healing ® meditation and Live Coaching.

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